Booking Q&A

Tech Specs

Download & print Tech Sheet

INSTRUMENTS (19 total):
5 saxophones, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets
piano, guitar, bass, drums
vocals, conductor

PA system (depending on venue),
guitar & bass amps, keyboard & amp
music stand lights (we have power bars for lights)


Here are some questions we’ll ask you:

What is the size of the space, and how many people are expected?

Who is responsible for the PA system?

  • For smaller events we can provide a PA.
  • Larger events will require PA rental and possibly a sound technician.

What is the stage like? (floor, risers, grass, lighting, etc.)

If performance space is up/down stairs, is there an elevator?

Is there a green room and/or dressing room(s)?

Where can the band store instrument cases?

Is food and drink available/provided for the band?

Is the event outdoors?

  • Cover for the band is highly recommended. If there is no cover, instruments will be packed up in the event of any raindrops.
  • Is there a rain plan? (moving indoors, rain date, etc.)
  • Sufficient power supply must be provided.

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